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CompriFoam® open cell foam bandage is ideal for padding under compression bandages for phlebological and lymphological indications. It is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression bandages over extremities, thus preventing constrictions and ensuring an effective compression therapy. The non-slip texture of the foam also makes applying the compression bandage (e.g. Comprilan®) easier. CompriFoam® is also suited as padding material under plaster and synthetic casts in orthopedic applications.


    • Apply during CDP Lymphodema treatment to help reduce edema and increase tissue pressure to prevent the re-accumulation of evacuated edema fluid.
    • Apply under compression bandages (e.g. Comprilan®) to even out circumference of limbs for more even pressure distribution.
    • Apply as a layer over stockinette and under a compression bandage (e.g. Comprilan®) or under plaster and synthetic casts to provide additional padding.
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