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The new Invacare® Insignia™ Lightweight Wheelchair will be the lightweight chair of choice for providers and patients alike. Fully adjustable arms, from desk to full length, allow providers to stock one chair instead of two, and standard features include a robust wheel lock, simple adjustable head tube design, sleek caster fork and adjustable angle back. Patients will benefit from having a stylish, lightweight chairthat is easy to use and adjusts to their specific needs. The Insignia Wheelchair has it all in one package.

Invacare Insignia Wheelchair

SKU: I-8800
Color: Black
  • Insignia™ Wheelchair Specifications Overall Width Open 7.50" plus seat width Width Closed 12" Depth (w/o Riggings) 31" Seat Widths 16", 18", 20" Seat Depths 16", 18" Knee-to-Heel* (range adjusts in 1" increments) Min. Max. 60º 16" 20" Elevating 17" 20.5" * Measurement taken from top of seat rail to back of footplate Arm Type** Space-Saver Dual-Point Min. Max. Desk-to-Full Length, Adjustable Height 9" 13" **Measurement taken from top of seat rail to top of arm pad Back Heights 15" – 19" in 1" increments Weight Capacity 250 lb. Seat-to-Floor 19.5", 18.5", 17.5" or 16.5" with 22"/6" wheel kit

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