As experts in the field of lymphology we have developed the JOBST® Elvarex® Soft custom-made for lower extremities and for the arm. This soft, flat-knit compression garment is the ideal addition to the JOBST® Elvarex® product assortment, particularly well-suited for patients with light to moderate oedema.

JOBST® Elvarex® Soft allows patients with oedema to live life the comfortable way:

  • soft and skin-friendly
  • easy to put on
  • offers excellent anatomical fit
  • therapeutically effective

JOBST® Elvarex® Soft: Living with oedema the skin-friendly way. The unique, knitted fabric of JOBST® Elvarex® Soft consists to a large extent of a particularly soft textured yarn. This specialized yarn combines skin-protected softness and excellent breathability. JOBST® Elvarex® Soft is therefore particularly well-suited for patients who suffer from dry, sensitive or fragile skin.

JOBST® Elvarex® Soft: Living with oedema the easy way. The knitted construction, designed especially to maximize the softness of the textured yarn, creates as extremely smooth fabric surface. Therefore this makes latex-free JOBST® Elvarex® Soft very comfortable to wear, as well as easy to put on. Comparative product testing* proves that JOBST ® Elvarex® Soft is easier to put on than other brands of compression stockings.

JOBST® Elvarex® Soft: Living with oedema the efficient way. This compression stocking combines easing donning with proven medical efficacy. As well as the softness, JOBST® Elvarex® Soft offers optimum efficacy in the treatment of mild to moderate oedema, as it combines the right compression with the correct level of fabric softness. JOBST® Elvarex® Soft is both extremely comfortable and convenient to wear.

* Laboratory test results illustrate a product’s performance under controlled conditions. Results in actual use may vary. Results of a competitive test of garments for lower extremities. Conducted by BSN-JOBST, data available at request.