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JOBST® foam is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression stockings or bandages over and around bony prominences. Without any natural rubber latex, JOBST® foam is available in two versatile forms – a foam rubber bandage and a foam rubber kidney–shaped pad.


  • JOBST® foam is versatile and comfortable enough to fit any contour of the body, especially where consistent compression is required.

    • Apply the foam rubber pad to maintain compression around the ankle, the hand or other sensitive areas.
    • Apply the foam rubber bandage as a wrap to manage edema, as additional padding under compression bandages or as a layer of protection for the skin.
    • The foam rubber roll can be used as one large bandage or cut and customized into specific shapes and/or sizes.
    • Use with caution in cases of
      - Skin infections
      - Wet dermatoses
      - Impaired sensitivity of the legs
    • Improper application may result in problems when wearing the bandage

    Please refer to the product label and /or package insert for full instructions on the safe use of these products.

  • Hold pad firmly in place while wrapping with appropriate short stretch compression bandage (Comprilan®) or, Pull compression stocking onto foot. Pull heel pocket over back of heel. Tuck pad under fabric with flat side away from skin. Ease stocking over pad.

    Without tension, apply the foam over an elastic tubular bandage (Tricofix®) or synthetic padding (Artiflex®).

    Cut the foam bandage or use the foam pad to fit required shape.
    Cover the foam bandage with a short stretch compression bandage (Comprilan®) and wrap as necessary.

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