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Venous disorders are not an exclusively female condition. In fact, every sixth man suffers from chronic venous insufficiency. The prevalence of symptoms amongst men and women is comparable. Classified in the objectively determined clinical stages according to the CEAP classification*, it is obvious that both genders are almost equally affected.**

* CEAP = Clinical Signs, Etiology, Anatomic location, Pathophysiology Society for Vascular Surgery and International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, North American Chapter** Bonn Vein Study I (2002)/ II (2007), Germany Age of included patients 18-79 Number of included patients 3072, male n=1350, female n=1722 Ultimately different gender behaviors are even more notable than differences in severity of clinical signs between men and women. The analysis of in-depth interviews with our target groups indicated that prejudices, lack of education and low acceptance often delay or prevent detection and treatment. With this scenario in mind, JOBST® has developed a stylish line of compression socks with special C2 effect designed to satisfy the demands and wishes of this high-potential target group:JOBST®forMen Ambition – Your style expertJOBST®forMen Explore – Your versatile expert


  • The unique combination of Cotton & Carbon in JOBST® for Men Ambition and JOBST® for Men Explore provide high wearing comfort, cool legs and a natural feeling on the skin = the C2 effect.

    • Cotton’s natural texture and aesthetics make it men’s fabric of choice in many garment categories. The premium quality cotton content ensures a natural feeling to the skin and reduces the potential for skin irritations.
    • Carbon in its activated form supports natural odor control management – recharging after washing – for lasting wearing comfort and compliance.
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