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The Dualtron Thunder is probably the best folding Electric Scooter money can buy right now. With many new upgrades, including ABS/hydraulic brakes, ultra-wide tubeless tires, improved suspension, optional fingerprint scanner, optional seat, the Thunder is ready to go out-of-the-box with minimal assembly required

The 2,060Wh battery can provide up to 80 miles distance at moderate cruising speed

5,400W peak & 2,400W Sustained Power. The Thunder Delivers the highest performance spec on an eScooter

eWheels are proud to be the first US Distributor of Dualtron & Speedway products within North America.

NEW: Dualtron Thunder 2,060Wh/2x 1,200W (2,400W) Motors

Color: Black
  • Weight

    95 lb

    Cruising Speed

    50 MPH

    Charge Time

    4.5 hrs
    *to 80% with optional Rapid-charger

    Max Load

    350 lb

    Battery Capacity



    ~85 miles

    At 15MPH under ideal conditions

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